24-year-old Pim Niemeijer from Rotterdam World Champion Stratego 2015

Over a hundred participants from different countries competed in Waterloo to become World Champion Stratego. The international strategists tried to capture each other’s flag. Dutchman Pim Niemeijer achieved the most success in this: in seven of the ten rounds he defeated his opponent, making him the fourth time World Champion Stratego. Johnny van Geffen won silver and Vincent de Boer bronze. Vince van Geffen, son of Johnny, has become World Champion in the juniors to 14 years.

Pim is extremely proud of reaching this coveted title. “I had prepared well for this World Cup. Along with another strong player in the tournament, I discussed various tactics and, more importantly, discussed the players. This has worked out well! The games were very exciting. Every round was decided in the last 10 minutes. Tim Slagboom, the world champion last year, was at one point next to my flag, then I thought a while: Help! I’m very happy that I have managed to get this title for the fourth time.”

The Brit Richard Ratkliff became fourth Dutch Tim Slagboom, the world champion of last year, finished fifth.

Source: openrotterdam.nl