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About Stratego

What is Stratego? »

What are the game rules? »

Setting up your board »

Which Stratego versions can I play? »

What about the Single player game? »

What about the Multiplayer game? »

Automatch »

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Where can I register? »

How can I delete my account? »


Stratego Battle coins

What are Stratego Battle Coins and what can you do with them? »

What are the payment methods? »

what is the Stratego Store? »


Playing Ranked and unranked

Can I also play unranked with Stratego? »

How do I go up and down in the ranking? »

Is it possible to invite friends for Stratego? »



Where can I find information about my account?»


Terms & Conditions

Where can I find Stratego Terms & Conditions? »


I forgot my password

I forgot my password, what to do? »


My payment failed

My payment failed, what should I do? »


Contact us

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