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Stratego beta goes public: Welcome everyone!

The moment has finally arrived: Stratego is now in open beta for everyone! We are very excited to open our doors to anyone that feels like playing Stratego. If you haven’t tried Stratego yet, now is the time to enter the battlefield!

Our closed beta kicked off in October of last year when we gave out access to our loyal Stratego Veterans. From that moment on the numbers have been growing and some of our Marshals have been playing over 900 ranked matches, earning them a spot in the Silver League! After absorbing all the feedback, we’ve been working really hard on improving the game. We’re happy to announce that as of today Stratego is available for all of you!

In addition to opening up the web version of Stratego, today also marks the introduction of Stratego for iPad and Facebook. We have worked hard to make the game a true cross-platform experience. You will find the same Stratego experience across all devices. So no need to learn anything new. In addition, if you already have a Stratego account you can use it on any of the devices. We will be making Stratego available on more devices and Operating Systems in the future.

Before you dive in, a small word of caution. Stratego is still a beta product! That means that you might experience some small issues every now and then. Don’t worry about them, we are constantly on the lookout to fix these! If you find any bugs, please report them to If you have ideas for improving the game, please post them on UserVoice.

We hope you have a great time on the battlefield and enjoy the results of our hard work!

The Stratego Team