About Stratego

What is Stratego?
Stratego is famous as the board game where you are the commander of an army; use it to capture the flag of your opponent! The pieces on the board range from high to low, and you have to arrange them in such a way that you can defend and attack easily. Will you defeat your opponent? Play the one and only Stratego here online!

What are the game Rules?
Here you can find the complete Guide to Stratego.

Setting up your board
You can choose to use a standard setup for Stratego, but you can also setup the board yourself. You can create and load setups when you start a new Single Player or Multiplayer game, but you can also create and save them under ‘Manage Setups’ at your Profile. You can place the pieces on the board by dragging them to the square where you want to put them. When you are satisfied with your setup you can name it and save it. Previously saved setups can also be found under ‘Manage Setups’ at your profile. Here you can view, edit, rename or delete previously saved Setups.

Which Stratego versions can I play?
At the moment you can play Stratego Original in full (40 piece) and quick (10 piece) mode.

What about the Single player game?
In the Single Player modus you will play Stratego against the computer. We have created a special AI for this: can you beat it? The Single Player mode is an excellent way to test your created setups. If you play in Single Player mode your wins and defeats do not count towards your ranking.

What about the Multiplayer game?
If you choose to play the Multiplayer mode, you can either challenge one of your friends, or the system will choose an opponent who matches your standing in the ranking. If you chose a Full arena game, you are automatically playing for the Leagues and Ladders. While you wait for your Multiplayer game to start, you can play a Single Player game.

If you choose to play the Full Arena game the system will choose an opponent who matches your standing in the ranking. It is not possible to decline a match: if you leave the game when an opponent has been found, you will automatically forfeit the game and lose ranking points.

Leagues & Ladders
When you choose to play a League Match your wins will be counted for the Leagues and Ladders. The top 250 players are displayed in the Leagues and Laddders. If you see N/A after your name in your profile, it means that you are not part of the top 250. The reason for displaying the top 250 only is that calculating a ranking for each Stratego player would take up too much server time and cause a serious lag.



Where can I register?
If you want to play Stratego, you can either login with Facebook or create a new Stratego account. If you want to login with Facebook, just click the Facebook button on the registration page. If you want to create a new account, please click on ‘New account’ and enter your details. We will then send you a confirmation mail. You can now start playing Stratego.

How can I delete my account?
At the moment we do not have an option to automatically delete your account, but if you contact us via the contact form on the site we will disable your account for you.


Stratego Battle coins

What are Stratego Battle Coins and what can you do with them?
When you sign up you receive 75 Battle Coins to start with. You can use Battle Coins to purchase Avatars, Boards, Setup Slots and Coats of Arms. If you run out of Battle Coins it is possible to buy more Battle Coins in the Stratego Store.

What are the payment methods?
The following payment methods are accepted in the Stratego Store:
– Credit Card
– Paypal
– Ideal

What is the Stratego Store?
In the Stratego Store you can purchase extra items for your account, such as Board backgrounds, Piece colors, Setups, Setup Slots, Coats of Arms and Avatars.


Playing Ranked and unranked

Can I also play unranked with Stratego?
You can choose to play ranked or unranked with Stratego. When you play ranked your results will count toward the League results. Quick Arena matches are unranked. Friend challenges are also unranked.

How do I go up and down in the ranking?
The Stratego ranking is based on the famous ELO-system. This means that you go up in the ranking by winning, and when you beat an opponent who has a higher rank than you, you will receive more points. This also means that you will lose more points if you are beaten by a player who is lower in rank.

Is it possible to invite friends for Stratego?
It is possible to invite friends for a game of Stratego. You can do this via the ‘Social Hub’ which appears at the right when you are logged in. Here you have three tabs: Notifications, Chatrooms and Friends. In the Friends tab you can invite friends by username, or you can add users you have recently met on the battlefield to your friends. After you click on ‘Add friend’ a friend invite will be sent. When a friend has accepted you friend invite you can also challenge him or her to a game of Stratego.



Where can I find information about my account?
When you are logged in you will find all information about your account under ‘Profile’. Here you can change your avatar, your coat of arms, the piece art used for your pieces and the colour of your pieces. Please note that you have to choose a primary and a secondary color under ‘Your Pieces’. When your opponent has the same color for his pieces, your secondary color will be used. You can also change the piece art here. Under ‘Manage Setups’ you can create, delete and edit board setups. ‘Achievements’ shows the achievements you have collected in the game. ‘Leagues and Ladders’ shows your standing within the League and your ranking.


Terms & Conditions

Where can I find Stratego Terms & Conditions?
View our Terms & Conditions here.


I forgot my password

I forgot my password, what to do?
When you have forgotten your password you can reset your password by clicking on ‘Forgot Password?’ under the login menu on the main page. An email will be sent to your email address with instructions on how to reset your password.


My payment failed

My payment failed, what should I do?
When you cannot complete your transaction, please contact our Stratego Customer Care


Contact us

How to contact Stratego?
Is your question missing from this FAQ or do you have any feedback we can use to improve Stratego? Please contact our Stratego Customer Care. We will answer your question as soon as possible!