Basics of attacking and defending

These basic ideas are the foundation of good Stratego strategy.

  • Don’t be careless with your higher-ranked pieces. Try to identify the rank of your opponent’s piece before attacking it with your Marshal.
  • If you’ve determined you have the highest-ranking piece on the board, you can safely attack and defeat any piece that moves.
  • Try to capture as many of your opponent’s Miners as you can. Without Miners, your opponent has to take risks hitting one of your bombs when finding your flag.
  • To make it difficult for your opponent to memorize your pieces, don’t focus your movements on one or two pieces. Keep many different pieces ‘in play’ to confuse and distract your opponent.


Basics of attacking and defending (2)

These tips and tactics will help you to win your first battles!

  • Keep the identity of your Spy a secret for as long as you can. If your opponent correctly guesses the location of your Spy, or if your Spy becomes a casualty of war, your opponent’s Marshal becomes much more powerful.
  • A great way to surprise your opponent is to setup your spy next to your general. When your opponent’s Marshal attacks your General you can capture it the next turn with your Spy.
  • Keep your eyes on the arrangement of your opponent’s pieces. After a short period of time, usually you can get a pretty good idea where his Flag and Bombs are, simply by noticing which pieces he has not moved.
  • Keep two or more scouts in the last two rows of your board and within close range of direct lanes to attack your opponent. Scouts come in real handy at the end of games, when most of the board is free of pieces and where their ability to attack from far away can surprise your opponent.


Winning setup strategies for beginners

How you place your pieces at the beginning of the game can determine whether you win or lose. You may want to employ one or more of these strategies:

  • Place your Flag somewhere on the back row, so you have many pieces in front to defend it. Place Bombs around your flag to protect it.
  • Consider placing a few Bombs away from your Flag. Using Bombs as decoys can fool your opponent into moving pieces in the wrong direction.
  • In a corner, the Flag can be surrounded by 2 bombs. Although the corner is a safe position to place your Flag it is also the most obvious position for your Flag.
  • Scouts can be useful in the front lines. Use them to probe the strength of your opponent’s pieces. You might also want to keep some Scouts in the back to help you capture your opponent’s flag.
  • Miners are important late in the game, so keep some of them in the back rows.
  • A bomb in the front row will rarely kill anything but a Scout. A bomb in the second row is much more effective.